Thursday, August 12, 2010

Am I insane...can I do it???

This is a rough idea of what I have to do for Perth 4 weeks

· Order plain white cards (for small clip display)
· Order stuck on you stickers (waiting on advice from Etsy girls)
· Buy more beads
· Sew 50!

· Buy more necklace fishing line thread
· Receive beads from AM
· Design and make necklaces. As many as possible.

· Complete backs of all flowers
· Iron on labels

· Buy Bonds singlets????
· Attach flowers

· Find tressle table
· Cover frames for small flower display
· Design large flower display
· Buy turf
· Buy skirting fabric
· Buy wooden letters and paint (sunny and fine), set onto fabric fame
· Make fabric flags with sunny and fine
· Buy brown paper bags
· Set prices and make price signs
· Gift wrapping???? To do or not to do

So am I mental...I am seriously worried I cannot do this in time.

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