Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some Accomplishments...

Ok so I have actually managed to cross a couple of things of my to do list.

Design scanned and emailed to the cutter.

Business name ribbons ordered.

And drumroll.....

Perth Upmarket Application sent! ......I feel very nervous!
And I have sold another 3 flowers.
Doing OK.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So I have had a setback and I am behind in my goals.

I was hospitalised on the weekend after having an Epileptic seizure. Recovery is usually pretty quick, except this time I may have broken my nose. So I am very sore and sorry. And basically need rest.

So my goals have been put on hold. I have sold 2 more flowers yesterday. So that is good.

I MUST get the application form into upmarket!!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Serpent Manadalas

I have just received my painting in the mail which I had commissioned from the talented Lindy Longhurst of Serpent Mandalas.

I ADORE IT!! I am insanely in love with the colours and the peoples (us) little faces. The pic really doesn't do the colours justice.
I asked it to represent my fiance Ben, Maya, myself and Archie the ridgeback. Its our journey to get to our own dream home. Nestled amongst the Karri trees for me, by the sea with boat for Ben.
And here Etsy shop here...

Second Sale!

Celebrating the smallest milestones! and its not official yet...
But, Maya's daycare teacher who wears alot of hats...has requested some flowers to adorn her many hats! Yay! Very happy this morning! Nice way to start the day.
Its made me realise another market - the hat market. Felt flowers lend themselves nicely to hats, especially the winter kind. Now i just need to refine this idea.....over a cup of tea....
Oh, one thing...I got the price guilts. I sent her the link to my etsy shop and freaked out that she would think that my prices were too much and cancel her order! So I gave her a 20% discount. Since they are in US dollars & were Aussies it is a little justified. ....And a further 10% discount if she buys mulitples. Well that offer was on the site anyway. But it was guilt/insecurity that drove it.