Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A new day....

So here I am. A blogger. Who would've thunk it.

It all began with a craft party for my mothers group. You know, share a hobby with your friends. Learn a new skill. So my input into the group of young mums - made up of a doctor, hairdresser, property developer, enviromentalist and african product importer - was the artist! So I thought up a couple of projects to teach the gals and as it happended, the felt flower accessory was a hit!

So after years of pondering how I would embark on a creative career, here it was before me. I will hold art and craft parties! While I still believe this is a great idea, my market was complicated (everyone had kids that required babysitting), I had no venue, the profit margin wasn't there... so Craft Parties has been filed away for now...

Hello Sunny And Fine!

I had been making the felt flowers for my little girl Maya. Dressing up all her plain outfits with a snazzy hand made flower. I received alot of compliments, and was approached by a shop in Fremantle to supply them! Oh happy days! What a compliment!

Not that I have supplied them...yet....its been months...Why can't I just get it done??
Well I started a shop on Etsy and have had a couple of sales...but my committement just hasn't been there. So I thought if I started this blog, I will chronical the journey of getting to market. Perth Upmarket that is, plus a functioning Etsy store and Sunny And Fine in brick and mortar.

So they are my goals. And this blog is going to keep me on track and committed! Here goes! Jump in first first!



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